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Our team of social media influencers takes the time to research your content marketing campaign (e.g., B2B, e-commerce, etc), and then we will create and implement a strategic plan that encourages an exciting and authentic approach to your business. We will take the time to assess if we reach your audience through typical social media (twitter, facebook, linkedin), mornings/evenings, weekdays/weekends, or perhaps through visuals (infographics), polls & surveys, hashtags, etc. We will ‘grow’ the extra mile for you!

Generating buzz takes a bit of creativity, but it also takes the willingness to act and put yourself out there.

Ana Lucia Novak, CEO

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Help build your following by tapping into existing networks!

Social PROOF is REAL!

Are you a new brand or company? Today, people vet YOU based on your social credibility.


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